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GGBet Casino Table Games

At GGBet, we have a game for every gambler: although the largest number of games is in our slots collection, we know that the classic casino table games are just as popular as they are. That's why we offer you the chance to play both original and exotic variants of classic casino card games, either for free or for money. All our Canadian visitors can start trying their favourite table and card games in a matter of seconds.

Like all our other games, table and card games are also eCOGRA certified and guaranteed to be fair. The official eCOGRA report shows that the average RTP of our table games is over 97%: this is a figure that hardly any of our competitors can come close to.

Below you can find more information about our casino table games. Online roulette and poker also fall under the category of table games, but we list them separately in different sections due to their popularity. You can find all the remaining card games below.

Comprehensive Collection of Casino Card Games

The number of card games in our casino is increasing day by day, and we continue to offer the latest and most popular games to our members. We have one of the largest portfolios of casino table games on the internet and offer exotic games as well as classic options. You can play blackjack, baccarat, craps or try your luck at games like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger and Video Bingo. Whichever you choose, you can play it for free or for real money: we give this chance to all our visitors. Below, you can find more information about some of the most popular options in the GGBet casino table games section.

Online Blackjack

You can play blackjack online at GGBet and get access to the latest & most popular games of the best providers such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Play’n GO, iSoftBet, GameART, Swintt, Amatic, Spearhead and Red Tiger. Play free blackjack games online or try your chance by playing blackjack online for real money – the choice is yours. In any case, we are sure that you will like our blackjack online Canada collection. If you are not sure where to start, these are the most popular games on our website: 

  • Classic Blackjack (Red Tiger)
  • Classic Blackjack Gold Series (Microgaming)
  • Super 7 Blackjack (Betsoft)
  • Blackjack VIP (iSoftBet)
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack (Swintt)

Whether you play blackjack online for fun or use real money, the rules are the same. In this game, Ace is 1 or 11, picture cards are worth 10, and all other cards have a point value equal to the number on them. The goal is to reach 21 points in total or beat the dealer. When the game starts (whether it is online blackjack free play or not), the player gets two cards. The dealer takes two cards for himself, one face up and one face down. Depending on both his own cards and the dealer's up card, the player can demand an additional card (hit), not demand another card (stand), double his initial bet (double down) or separate his cards and play as two different hands under certain conditions (split). Depending on the variant played, there may be additional bets such as surrender and insurance. No matter whether you play online blackjack free or the real money version, it is the casino game with the highest RTP. Use blackjack online free games to learn the rules and practice!

Online Baccarat

If you want to try your luck at casino baccarat online, you are at the right place. You can start to play baccarat online right now, choosing from the games of the most respected developers such as Betsoft, Microgaming, Play’n GO, iSoftBet, OneTouch and EvoPlay. We have one of the best online baccarat casino game collections on the internet, and you can play different variants of baccarat online on any device you want. Once again, you can start with free online baccarat or bet real money. These are the most popular titles in our online baccarat Canada collection if you are not sure where to start:

  • No Commission Baccarat (OneTouch)
  • NC Baccarat (Swintt)
  • Big Win Baccarat (iSoftBet)
  • Baccarat 777 (Evoplay)
  • Baccarat Gold (Microgaming)

You can practise on free baccarat to learn the rules and/or test some strategies. The basics are simple: there are two sides in the game (player/banker), and each gets two cards. The goal is to reach 9 points or beat the other side. You can bet on three outcomes: dealer wins, banker wins or tie. (Based on the variant you play, there may be additional outcomes or bonus bets.) Cards between 2-9 are worth their face value, Aces are 1 point, and all other cards have no point value (0). When you calculate the value of a hand, you just use the rightmost digit of the result. For example, 6 and 7 are worth 13 points, but we just use the right digit, so the actual value of this hand is 3. 

Online Craps

Are you ready to roll the dice? Craps online gambling is a different kind of experience, and you can get a taste of it right now by playing the games of top-tier suppliers such as Betsoft, Microgaming, and Evolution. We offer online craps gambling for free or for real money to all Canadian gamblers. You can play craps online right now without a download and switch between free online craps – real money craps online at any time. If you are not sure where to start, here are the most popular options in our casino online craps collection:

  • First Person Craps (Evolution)
  • Classic Craps (Betsoft)
  • Casino Craps (Microgaming)

As we mentioned above, online gambling craps is a different kind of experience: this time, you bet on the results of the dice. There are multiple outcomes you can bet on while playing at a craps casino online. The first roll of the dice is called “pass line,” and you win if the result is 7 or 11 and lose if the result is 2, 3 or 12. If the result is a different number, that number becomes the “point”, and the majority of all other bets will be based on this point (whether you pass it or not). You can always bet on a specific roll, such as hard 6 (3 x 3) or hard 10 (5 x 5). Make sure to read the paytable before starting: all betting options and their payouts are listed there.

Exotic Casino Card Games

Our casino table games collection is so wide that we offer you exotic options too. We all like to play classic card and table games, but there are lots of other things you can try your luck on. These exotic titles are usually based on classic games, but they offer much more simplified gameplay. That being said, their payouts are still satisfying and can easily compete with blackjack, baccarat or craps. If you are looking for something different, make sure to take a look at our exotic casino table games too. For example:

  • Patience: This is the casino version of the classic patience game. It is developed by Oryx Gaming, and the rules are the same as in solitaire. However, this time, you get paid for every card you place in a suit stack.
  • Three Card Rummy: This is a hybrid of online poker and blackjack played with three cards. When you start the game, both you and the dealer get three cards. The values of the cards are exactly the same as in blackjack. However, this time, your goal is to get fewer points than the dealer.
  • Top Cards Trumps: Developed by Betsoft, this fun and fast-paced card game asks you to beat the dealer by finding the card with a higher value. Simply put, whoever has the higher card wins the game. You can bet on yourself or the “tie” result. If a tie happens between you and the dealer, you can fold or go to “war”. Going to war will double the initial bet and give another card to both sides. The side with the highest second card wins.

Master Your Gambling Skills at GGBet Casino

All Canadian players can try our casino card games without being a member. Simply select a game and click the "demo" button: the game will open in a new tab and launch on your browser. You can play for free as long as you want to practise or test certain strategies. Our free casino table games have no difference in terms of features, payouts, rules or chances to win, and there are no time limits. If you run out of demo credits, you can simply re-launch the game.

But if you want to play for real money, you need to open an account: you can do this in minutes, thanks to our simplified registration process. Creating an account will allow you to play for real money and get real money payouts too. Moreover, even after you become a member, you can still continue to play our casino table games in demo mode. How about registering right now? Welcome to GGBet Casino!