High Striker

High Striker is a unique online casino game where you bet on a random multiplier. It may seem unusual at first, but this is an easy game to understand. At GGBET, we’ll show you how to play High Striker online. And in just a few minutes, you’ll be able to play like a pro and win.

How to Win at High Striker

The High Striker game from Evoplay Entertainment is like a lottery. You place a bet and hope that you win money. Read below to understand the game mechanics:

  • Choose a bet size (1-100).
  • Once you have selected a bet, the graph (bet multiplier) will start climbing.
  • The line chart will grow (from 1x and up to 1,000x) and crash at random.
  • As the line grows, so will your bet.
  • You can stop the game at any time and cash out.
  • If the game crashes before you stoped it, you lose your bet.

So, how do you win? 

The High Striker basic strategy is that you cash out before the game crashes. Think of it like you are investing in the stock market. In the stock market, you buy the stocks, and the price goes up. To win in the stock market, you have to withdraw or sell your stocks before the prices plunge. 

In the free High Striker game, you need to cash out manually. If you don’t, the game can crash, and you will lose your bet. The other option is to set auto cash out. For example, you can set the auto cash out at $1.5. If the graph reaches that, you win $1.5 guaranteed. However, if the multiplier climbs to 1,000x but you already cashed out, you no longer win that amount.

Rules of High Striker 

Here are the rules of the online High Striker:

  • The graph can reach up to 1,000x
  • There is no fixed odds or margin.
  • The game crashes randomly.
  • There’s an option to check if the game is provably fair.

Essentially, this gambling innovation is like trading stocks. You wait patiently until your bet wins a substantial amount of money. You can take a low risk by cashing out early or take big risks by cashing out late—but you need to manage to do this before the crash.

GGBET Gaming Modes

You can play High Striker for free at GGBet online casino. The free demo version will not yield real money, but you can use it to practice and understand the game better. 

You can also play with real money. However, you have to register for an account and then make a deposit. If you are a new player, you can take advantage of GGBET bonuses and play with extra money.

High Striker is like a lottery that is based on the concept of the stock market. Here, you are in charge of how much money you could possibly win. You either play it safe and cash out early or take a big risk and cash out later. 

While the game offers up to 1,000x your bet, this rarely happens. If you want to win, set the auto cash out that is about twice the size of your bet and then watch your money grow.

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