Neon Shapes Game

Neon Shapes from Evoplay presents a modern twist to the cherished Tetris game. It is one of the casino games that offer skill-based elements allowing gamers to strategically select the position to put the available shapes and earn Skill points. This is the perfect choice for any player who is looking for a fresh approach with online games because it is not all about hitting the spin button. The title does not have any paylines, but it has been designed with 8 reels. Uncover more details about this unique game in our enlightening review below.

Neon Shapes Skill Points and Game Features

Neon Shapes does not fall in the category of your typical casino games. This is a game that gives you the chance to earn anywhere from x0.08 your bet to a whopping x9999.99. Note that Neon Shapes RTP is 96%, and the outcome of all the rounds is random. This title avails three featured shapes in neon shapes, and they include Orange, Gold,and Ordinary. Each shape has 38 elements, and they also vary in payouts. Ordinary shapes have the lowest payouts, while the Orange ones have the highest payouts.

Neon Shapes online Tetris game offers unique bonus features, like:

  1. Rotate Button- You have to fill in the progress of the rotate button to rotate the shape. To achieve this, players must earn Skill points. After earning 300 Skill points, you can activate the rotate button. Once this is activated, you will not lose any points as they will remain the same in the bar.
  2. Skill Points- You will earn Skill points depending on how well you play. Players will earn 10 points for placing any shape into the game’s board and 100 points for clearing a horizontal or vertical line. There are multiple ways to earn Skill points, and some of them include:
  • Placing any rotated shape earns you 100 points.
  • Ending a round gives you 250 points.
  • Clearing an entire Orange or Gold shape placement on the game board gives you 500 points.
  • Clearing the entire game board of shapes after starting the game will reward 500 points.

Additionally, clearing more than 1 line in a single move will also award you extra points, as seen in the table below:

Number of Lines












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