Make bets without risk! Safe bets under 10 USD!

Make bets without risk! Safe bets under 10 USD!

Risk-free betting! Safe bets up to $10!

Make bets with GG.Bet with a money-back guarantee!

How does this work? It’s simple, really. If you place a bet and you win, you get the full prize. However, if the luck wasn’t on your side and you don’t win, the money you placed on the bet will be refunded to you. That’s a lucrative offer, isn’t it?

To join the event you’ll need to meet the following conditions:

1) Activate the Promo Code

2) Make a deposit of 10 USD (10 EUR or 700 RUB) or higher

3) Enjoy your bet insurance for your first bet up to $10 (the bet type must be single with a coefficient of at least 1.75)

Terms and Conditions:

1) The promotion is open to all players who have a confirmed email address.

2) You must enter the promotional code in your account (Deposit -> My Bonuses -> Activate Promo Code) and then make your deposit.

3) The maximum bet amount is $10, the bet must be placed with real funds at odds of 1.75 or higher and the type is restricted to single.

4) The first bet that meets all the requirements, and made after the activation of the code, will be counted.

5) The first bet has to be made within 5 days of the promo code activation.

6) The refund policy - a losing bet will be eligible for a full money refund only if it was made within three days after activating the promo code and if all the promotion conditions were met.

7) If the bet was won, the user claims the winnings and there’s no need for a refund.

8) Any withdrawal request after using the promo code could be subject to verification, failing the verification can result in the request being denied.

9) Terms and conditions are subject to review and change at any time during the promotion.

10) All winners are subject to review of their bets, and any attempt to exploit or abuse the promotion will lead to instant disqualification.

11) Only one bonus can be active and wagered simultaneously. Activating one bonus automatically deactivates the previously active one.

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