Artifact Update 1.1: New Decks, Open Tournaments, Chat Wheel and More

Artifact Update 1.1: New Decks, Open Tournaments, Chat Wheel and More

Artifact Update 1.1: New Decks, Open Tournaments, Chat Wheel and More

Valve has released the first major update for their new card game Artifact. With this update the developers added two new decks to The Call to Arms event: Death From Above (Blue) and Dark Aggro (Red), as well as Random Mode and Leaderboards. Moreover, users will now be able to host Open Tournaments with Automated, Pauper and Free For All modes. The game has also received a chat wheel. The detailed changelog is presented below.

Patch Notes:


  • Added two new decks: Death From Above and Dark Aggro.
  • Added random mode: each game you'll be given a new random deck from the Call To Arms gauntlet.
  • Added maximum win-streak leaderboards for each deck with Global and Friends filters.


  • Added unit chat wheels accessible in-game. Every creep and hero has custom voice lines accessible by pressing 'Y' when hovering that unit, or by doing a long hold of the left mouse button. Towers and improvements also support the chat wheel.
  • Unit chat wheels have an option for custom lines to allow general in-match chat.
  • Added the ability to request a Steam Chat with your current opponent either during the game, accessible through their nameplate in the HUD, or from the end-of-match screen.
  • Opponent’s chat wheel messages can be muted, either through the in-game or through the message itself.


  • Added new Free-For-All tournament type. This is a less-structured mode where all participants can play against each other (up to specified time or rematch limits). The event winner is determined by whoever has the most wins over the course of the event.
  • Added Open Tournaments. These are tournaments that are created and maintained automatically by Artifact. For this first release, each Open Tournament will last three hours and have between 16 and 64 players participating in a Free-For-All using only common cards.
  • Added the ability to adjust many tournament options after tournament creation, for instance maximum player count, series types, or rounds of Swiss.


  • Added Color Blind Mode option: when enabled, this will separate card colors more on the luminance scale the in game and various UI.
  • Added Color Suit Banners option: when enabled, this will add flags to the face of each card representing its color.
  • Added Bot Gauntlet where after each win you will go up against a tougher deck.


  • Easy bot difficulty is now a little easier.
  • Updated the localization files.

The next major update is scheduled to next weeks and is expected to introduce a skill-based progression system.

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