ESL Pro League 14: Heroic and Vitality to Playoffs

ESL Pro League 14: Heroic and Vitality to Playoffs

ESL Pro League 14: Heroic and Vitality to Playoffs

While Group A of ESL Pro League 14 concludes later today, we already know two out of three teams that will advance to the playoffs. Yesterday Heroic secured the first place in the group after defeating ENCE (2-1) and now have a 4-0 score. Despite having one match left, the team has guaranteed itself an invite to the quarterfinals.

The second team is Vitality, who yesterday managed to beat Astralis (2-0) and are currently placed second with a 3-1 score. Meanwhile Team Spirit (1-3) and Bad News Bears (0-4) no longer have chances to advance to the playoffs stage.

The group’s final matches will be played today at 7:00 PM UK time – Heroic vs Astralis, Vitality vs Spirit and BNB vs ENCE. While both ENCE and Astralis aspire to get out of the group, ENCE have much higher changes since they only need to win the team’s least powerful team BNW, while Astralis need to outplay the group’s leaders Heroic and hope that ENCE loses their today’s match.

Current Standings of Group A:

1. Heroic 4-0 145-102
2. Team Vitality 3-1 132-102
3. ENCE 2-2 130-105
4. Astralis 2-2 113-110
5. Team Spirit 1-3 94-121
6. Bad News Bears 0-4 54-128

ESL Pro League Season 14 is an online event with $750,000 at stake. The group stage features four groups with round-robin format, where the teams placed first advance to the quarterfinals, while the teams from the second and third places make it to the 1/8. The groups are played one by one, with each of them lasting for five days.

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