Preview of DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019

Preview of DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019

Preview of DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019

Tomorrow begins DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019, a CS:GO event with $100,000 at stake. The prize pool will be split among eight participants of the tournament.

The event will take place on October 18-20th at Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tournament’s line-up includes five invited teams, such as AVANGAR, CR4ZY, HARD LEGION Esports, forZe and Heroic, as well as three qualified teams – Besiktas Esports, HAVU Gaming and Asterion. These teams have been split into two groups as follows:

Group A Group B
AVANGAR Asterion
Besiktas Esports CR4ZY
HARD LEGION Esports forZe
Heroin HAVU Gaming

The group stage will follow a GSL format, with opening and winners’ matches being best-of-one and elimination with decider matches being best-of-three. Top two teams will advance to the playoffs. In Group A opening matches AVANGAR will face Besiktas, while HARD LEGION will play against Heroic. In the first series of Group B forZe will compete with Asterion, while CR4ZY will face HAVU.

The playoffs stage will be played on October 20th and follow a single-elimination format, where all matches will be best-of-three. The winner of the event will receive $50,000 in prize money.

Simultaneously with DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019, the same organizers will also host a Dota 2 event DreamLeague Season 12 with $250,000 at stake.

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