Dota 2 Update: Frosthaven Event and Rubick Arcana

Dota 2 Update: Frosthaven Event and Rubick Arcana

Dota 2 Update: Frosthaven Event and Rubick Arcana

A new update has been released for Dota 2, which enabled a holiday event Frosthaven and introduced an arcana item for Rubick.


Frosthaven will be available until January 3rd. It is a PvE-mode for five players; the goal is to defend the ancient from waves of creeps. The players can earn points by participating in the event and get special awards by levelling up. Among rewards are loading screens, chat wheel items and special holiday supplies. Each five levels the players will be able to spin a wheel and get a random reward, including an incredibly rare courier Gingerbread Baby Roshan. The users with Dota Plus will get an increased amount of rewards.

Rubick Arcana

Rubick, who won in the arcana vote during The International 2018, has finally received an arcana item. It is called Magus Cypher and grants multiple custom upgrades, including 115 unique animations for stolen abilities. The full list of features is presented below:

- A style progression system that features custom effects for 115 stolen abilities
- Custom dynamic color effects on the cape that change depending on stolen spells
- A complete set of all-new animations, including cast animations, death animations, run animations, unique stolen spell animations, and more
- New base model, texture, and custom animated pedestal
- New effect and sound for Spell Steal
- Support for dynamic color effects on the Crux of Perplex Immortal Item
- Custom ground effect for players who complete the style progression
- Remastered Voice
- Custom Hero Portrait, Minimap Icon, and Stolen Spell Icon Border Effect
- Custom Emoticon
- EXALTED item Quality on all purchases made before January 21, 2019

The arcana item is available for $34,99.

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