New CDEC Gaming Roster Revealed

New CDEC Gaming Roster Revealed

The Chinese organization CDEC Gaming has presented their new Dota 2 roster after a two-month period of inactivity. The team signed three new players – Guo "Eve" Yuhang, Zhou "James" Yifu and Chen "Victoria" Guanhong. Besides that, Guo "Xm" Hongcheng has returned to the team after standing in for PSG.LGD.

Eve is a 22-years-old carry player who earlier played for Mr Game Boy, Newbee Young and Keen Gaming. James is a position 4 player, who earlier played for For The Dream. The team’s new full support player – Victoria – is 23 years old, two years ago he attended The International 2017 with LGD and placed fourth, his most recent team was Team Root.

This season CDEC Gaming failed to qualify for a single LAN-event. After a series of disappointing results, the team decided to take a break this January and rebuild the roster. At the same time the team’s mid player Xm was loaned to PSG.LGD to temporarily replace Maybe.

CDEC Gaming:

  • Guo "Eve" Yuhang
  • Guo "Xm" Hongcheng
  • Shen "Newbie" Chao
  • Zhou "James" Yifu
  • Chen "Victoria" Guanhong
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