The Manila Major winners

The Manila Major winners

OG has won the Manila Major by defeating Team Liquid 3:1 in a best of five series


OG will take home $1,110,000 of the $3,000,000 prize pool. The multinational team fended off all competition, beating some real Dota 2 heavyweights on their way to the Grand Final. The European squad took a seed in the upper brackets placing second during the group stage. In the play-offs they wiped through Na’Vi and then MVP.Phoenix, before beating Newbee, 2:1, to become the first team that advances to the Manila Major Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals was a war between two most dominant teams in Dota 2 for the past six months. Both European teams delivered in this battle of individual talent, drafts and team synergy. After falling behind in the first game of the series, OG managed to come back thanks to some spectacular drafting. The team perfectly executed their strategies and took the next three games in the series.

They became the first team to ever win two Dota 2 Major Championship titles. Previously OG beat Team Secret, 3:1, at the Frankfurt Major, in November. While most teams have shifted their lineups around drastically in recent months, OG committed to continue playing with the exact same roster they’ve been with for the last 9 months.

As for Team Liquid, Manila is the second Dota 2 Major in a row in which they’ve finished in 2nd place. At both Manila and Shanghai, they showed great team play and spirit to fight through the lower bracket, only to fall in the grand finals. We expect them to show some more amazing performances once The International 2016 rolls around in August.

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