TNC Predator Are the Champions of WESG 2018

TNC Predator Are the Champions of WESG 2018

TNC Predator Are the Champions of WESG 2018

The Dota 2 part of World Electronic Sports Games 2018 has concluded with TNC Predator defeating Keen Gaming (2-0), receiving $500,000 in prize money. The third place was secured by the Russian mix White-Off, which outplayed Team Ukraine (2-1) in the decider match.

TNC Predator managed to place first despite playing with a stand-in – the team’s in-game leader Carlo "Kuku" Palad was unable to attend the event. Apparently, the player is banned from visiting the Chinese city of Chongqing, the city host of the event, as the result of the racism scandal. Thus, the team had to play with Marc Polo Luis "Raven" Fausto, who is currently signed by Lotac. Nonetheless, the team placed first in group A with 3 victories and 2 draws and won all maps within their playoffs matches.

WESG 2018 was held on March 7th-10th and featured 24 national teams competing for a $890,000 prize pool. First, the teams were split into four round-robin groups with best-of-two series. Then top two teams from each group advanced to the single-elimination playoffs bracket with best-of-three series.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1 Ukraine 3-2-0 11p 1. Keen Gaming 4-1-0 13p
2. EHOME 3-0-2 9p 2. Gorillaz-Pride 2-2-1 8p
3. BLACKJACK 2-2-1 8p 3. Nemiga Gaming 1-3-1 6p
4. Omega Gaming 2-0-3 6p 4. Team Australia 1-3-1 6p
5. Reckoning Esports 1-1-3 4p 5. LeetPro 0-3-2 3p
6. Team Aster 0-3-2 3p 6. Deutschlando 0-2-3 2p
Group C Group D
1. TNC Predator 3-2-0 11p 1. NoLifer5 4-1-0 13p
2. White-Off 2-2-1 8p 2. Team Canarinho 3-1-1 10p
3. The Final Tribe 1-4-0 7p 3. Mr Game Boy 2-3-0 9p
4. TEAM TEAM 1-2-2 5p 4. PotM Bottom 2-1-2 7p
5. Room310 0-4-1 4p 5. Team Mongolia 1-0-4 3p
6. FATE Esports 0-2-3 2p 6. Mega Aorus 0-0-5 0p

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament’s Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $500,000 TNC Predator
2nd $200,000 Keen Gaming
3rd $100,000 White-Off
4th $50,000 Ukraine
5th-8th $10,000 EHOME, Gorillaz-Pride, NoLifer5, Team Canarinho
9th-12th -- BLACKJACK, Nemiga Gaming, The Final Tribe, Mr Game Boy
13th-16th - Omega Gaming, Team Australia, TEAM TEAM, PotM Bottom
17th-20th - Reckoning Esports, LeetPro, Room 310, Team Mongolia
21st-24th - Team Aster, Deutschlando, FATE Esports, MEGA Aorus
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