Fortnite World Cup Results

Fortnite World Cup Results

Fortnite World Cup Results

This weekend concluded Fortnite World Cup, one of the biggest events in the esports history. The event was held on July 27-28th at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City and featured competitions in Solo, Duo and Creative game modes. The tournament’s total prize pool exceeded $30,000,000.

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, a 16-years old player from United States, placed first in the solo competition and won $3,000,000 in prize money. The European organization Cooler Esports, represented by Emil "Nyhrox" Pedersen from Norway and David "aqua" W from Austria, emerged victorious in the duos competition, claiming $3,000,000. In the creative competition the best results were shown by a team called Fish Fam which consisted of FaZe Cizzorz, HIIMTYLERH, ZAND and SUEZHOO – they received $1,300,000.

Solo Competition Results:

Place $ USD Player
1st $3,000,000 Bugha
2nd $1,800,000 psalm
3rd $1,200,000 EpikWhale
4th $1,050,000 Kreo
5th $900,000 k1nG
6th $600,000 crue
7th $525,000 Skite
8th $375,000 nayte
9th $300,000 Riversan
10th $225,000 Fatch

Duos Competition Results:

Place $ USD Players
1st $3,000,000 Nyhrox, aqua
2nd $2,250,000 Wolfiez, Rojo
3rd $1,800,000 Ceice, Elevate
4th $1,500,000 Zayt, Saf
5th $900,000 Arkhram, Falconer
6th $450,000 Mongraal, Mitr0
7th $375,000 Dubs, Megga
8th $375,000 itemm, derox
9th $225,000 ZexRow, Vinny1x
10th $225,000 Skite, Vato

Creative Competition:

Place $ USD Team (Players)
1st $1,310,000 Fish Fam (FaZe Cizzorz, Hiimtylerh, Zand, Suezhoo)
2nd $325,000 Funky Fighters (Tomoya, Kuoto, Huizhi, Draceus)
3rd $305,000 Raven's Revenge (Gotaga, Magma, SMS Art1er, Chappy)
4th $240,000 Chicken Champions (Rubius, Bentzor, Keroro, Ryanfranta)
5th $230,000 Lil Whip Warriors (Ninja, Taco, FaZe Kaz, Taldak723)
6th $225,000 Sunshine Soldiers (Danyancat, Atchiin, 4turtle, Stuartoooo)
7th $220,000 Llama Record Co. ((HandofBlood, Svennos, Rogue AlexJJ, SMS Carnifex
8th $185,000 Cuddle Crew (Lachlan, MSYB-, Clytax, Xsaandi)
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