HOTS is Getting a New Unique Hero by Name of Qhira

HOTS is Getting a New Unique Hero by Name of Qhira

HOTS is Getting a New Unique Hero by Name of Qhira

Blizzard have released a new major update for the Test Server of Heroes of the Storm, which introduces a new unique hero Qhira, improves the ranked system, as well as changes the map Braxis Holdout.

New Hero – Qhira, Iresian Bounty Hunter

  • Grappling Hood [D]: Qhira fires a Grappling Hook that pulls her to any terrain it contacts. If an enemy Hero is hit, they take 36 damage and Qhira launches at them, dealing an additional 112 damage on impact. Can be used while Revolving Sweep is active. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Carnage [Q]: Unleash your sword in a targeted direction, continuously dealing 31 damage to enemies caught in its path. Cost: 40 Mana. Cooldown: 6 seconds.
  • Blood Rage [W]: Passive: Basic Attack and Ability damage cause enemies to bleed for 46 damage over 4 seconds. Stacks 5 times. Active: Qhira deals 33 damage and heals for 88 health per enemy Hero affected. Damage and healing is increased by 50% per each additional stack on that Hero. Cost: 35 mana. Cooldown: 8 seconds.
  • Resolving Sweep [E]: Attach your sword to the first enemy Hero hit, Stunning them for .25 seconds. Once attached, Qhira becomes immune to all effects, swinging around the target for 2.75 seconds, and dealing 109 damage to any enemies between you and the target. Reactivate to send you to the target’s location, knocking them back, dealing 112 damage and Stunning them for .75 seconds. Cost: 70 mana. Cooldown: 16 seconds.
  • Unrelenting Strikes [R1]: Deal 46 damage to all nearby enemies every .5 seconds for 2.5 seconds as your sword grows outward. Upon expiring, deal 86 damage to all nearby enemy Heroes and Stun them for .75 seconds. Cost: 60 mana. Cooldown: 75 seconds.
  • Final Strike [R2]: After 1 second, strike your sword in a line to deal 432 damage to all enemies in its path. This damage is increased by 25% to any enemy below 50% Health. Cost: 45 mana. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Storm League Season 1 Changes:

  • Ranked Points are now directly mapped to a player's Storm League MMR.
  • Placement Matches have been reduced from 10 to 3.
  • Promotion and Demotion games have been removed and players will seamlessly transition through Leagues and Divisions.
  • Added a Ranked Seasonal Questline, that can be completed to obtain seasonal rewards and get to leaderboards.
  • Rotation Update: Dragon Shire and Sky Temple replaced by Alterac Pass and Volskaya Foundry.

Braxis Holdout Changes

  • Functionality of the Braxis control-point is now consistent with that of Dragon Shire
  • Make-up and stats of the Zerg Wave units have been adjusted
  • While attacking, Guardian and Ultralisks now spawn Drop Pods with 3 Zerglings and 1 Hydralisk (can occur once every 13 seconds)

The update will be available for testing until the week of August 5th. The full list of changes can be found on the official website.

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