Playoffs Seeds for 2018 HGC Finals

Playoffs Seeds for 2018 HGC Finals

Playoffs Seeds for 2018 HGC Finals

2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals, which is being held as a part of this year’s Blizzcon, is nearing its end. The final stage of the main Heroes event of the year will begin on November 2nd, and we already know the pairs of teams that will battle it out in the opening matches of the playoffs stage.

The playoffs stage will continue for two days and feature a single-elimination bracket, where quarterfinals will be best-of-three, while semifinals with the grand finals will be best-of-five. The organizers of the event have seeded the participants as follows:

Playoffs Bracket:

Earlier the participants competed in two round-robin groups with best-of-two series, with a victory granting 3 points and a draw giving only 1 point. Based on the results of the group stage two worst teams from each group were eliminated.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. Gen.G 4-1-0 9-1 13p 1. Team Dignitas 5-0-0 10-0 15p
2. Miracle 4-0-1 8-2 12p 2. HeroesHearth 3-1-1 7-3 10p
3. Team Liquid 3-1-1 7-3 10p 3. Tempest 2-1-2 5-5 7p
4. Tempo Storm 2-0-3 4-6 6p 4. TheOne 1-3-1 5-5 6p
5. Beyond The Game 1-0-4 2-8 3p 5. Leftovers 1-1-3 3-7 4p
6. Luna Meow 0-0-5 0-10 0p 6. Mindfreak 0-0-5 0-10 0p

The event is being held on October 25th – November 3rd at Anaheim, United States. The tournament’s line-up includes 12 best teams from all over the world. They compete for their share of a $1,000,000 prize pool.

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