Specifics of betting on league of legends

Specifics of betting on league of legends

How to Bet on League of Legends

While becoming more popular among e-gamers, League of Legends covers more and more social aspects of its fans’ life. Now we are given the opportunity to wager on LoL using betting websites. Do not neglect such a chance! However, at first, you need to find out the peculiarities of this kind of bets and discover how to manage it properly.

Ordinary and Express Bets on League of Legends

The experts have introduced many names to denote different types and methods of betting on games and events. We are interested only in two categories we are going to deal with. The first one is a division into stakes on the future and ongoing events. Ongoing events imply live bets made on the current game. And secondly, wagers are divided into ordinary, express, and system.

The ordinary bet is calculated separately for each event. For instance, the player may wager on two or more different matches. He or she will win in the game if the guess is correct and lose in case of mistake.

If you make an express bet, you will be able to claim your payout only when both choices are right. The winnings will be multiplied, not summed, as in the previous situation. This method is riskier as well as more lucrative.

The third kind – system bet – is a combination of wagers when both ordinary and express types are used together.

Calculating the Bet

If we go to the League of Legends section on GG.bet, we will see a list of available matches there. Besides the title of the game and the team's name, there are also several numbers near each of them. They represent bookmaker odds, on which your earnings depend.

For example, there are 1.80 and 1.97 for one match and 1.27 and 3.59 for another. Those numbers are odds for the first and the second team’s victory respectively. If you make ordinary bets on the first team in both games, you will receive 100 х 1.80+100 х 1.27 = 307 after its ending. The express wager allows getting more (200 х 1.80 х 1.27 = 457) with the risk of losing while not guessing at least one of the outcomes.

E-sports is rapidly evolving: now we can not only watch professional League of Legend matches but also earn for living forecasting the games’ results. What’s next?

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