League of Legends: New Ranked Season Begins on January 24th

League of Legends: New Ranked Season Begins on January 24th

League of Legends: New Ranked Season Begins on January 24th

Riot Games have revealed that the new ranked season will begin next week, on January 24th. This year the ranked system will see a number of upgrades, including new tiers, new rewards and a brand-new position rank system.


The developers have redesigned the placement process. You will get a provisional rank once you complete your first game in the season. This rank cannot go down, only up. If you win, you earn an increased amount of LP and skip promotion matches. To get your starting rank, you need to play either 10 games in Flex queue or 8 games in position queue.

Splits and Rewards

This season we will see three splits, each of them will feature unique rewards which can be obtained by using special Split Points earned by simply playing in ranked mode. The splits will last for about three months each; the first one will end in April.

Position Rank

During the first split players in Korea and North America will be able to test the new system of position ranks. The system means that you can have different ranks for different positions, which should allow you to switch between roles easier without fear to let down your team. However, the position ranks are interdependent – when you win or lose on one position, the other position ranks will also be affected. The system will be enabled for the other regions at the start of Split 2.

Tiers and Division

Two new tires have been added to the game – Iron, which is the lowest tier, and Grandmaster, which sits between Master and Challenger. With that, the number of divisions has been decreased from 5 to 4. The developers also adjusted the number of Master+ ranks per region due to the difference in local player counts.

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