LoL Patch 11.23: New Drakes, Items, Runes and More

LoL Patch 11.23: New Drakes, Items, Runes and More

LoL Patch 11.23: New Drakes, Items, Runes and More

While competitive scene of League of Legends is on hold and professional teams are trading their players like hot cakes, RIOT Games have enough time to introduce drastic gameplay changes to the game itself. Recently they have released Patch 11.23, which they also call the Preseason 2022 Update.

Probably the first new feature you will notice after launching the game is two new drakes – the developers made sure that players can experience playing with them by they temporarily doubling their chances to spawn.

The first one is Chemtech Drake. The team that manages to slay him gets an increase of their damage to enemies with more health. Getting his soul grants the team a short second life upon their next death. Chemtech Rift spawn gas zones in the jungle that camouflage champions within it and allow them to deal more damage to targets with higher health.

The second drake, Hextech, is a completely different beast. His buff gives 5 ability haste and 5% attack speed per stack. His soul grants a chain lightning slow on the next basic attack or ability. Meanwhile Hextech Rift spawns pairs of Hex-gates across the map that allow champions to quickly travel between them.

The other significant change of the update that will have a major effect on both casual and professional matches is the introduction of Objective Bounties – another way for losing teams to get back into the game. When a team is sufficiently behind, destroying some objectives will give them additional gold. The selected objects will be highlighted on the map for both teams. To take the full advantage of the bounty, the team will have to destroy multiple objectives.

The update has a lot of other major and smaller addition – most notably, the patch introduces 6 new items and adjusts another 24 items. You can learn about all changes on the official website.

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