New Competitive 5v5 Mode for League of Legends Announced

New Competitive 5v5 Mode for League of Legends Announced

New Competitive 5v5 Mode for League of Legends Announced

Riot Games presented a new competitive tournament mode for League of Legends called Clash. The mode will be open every two weeks and will continue for three days. To participate, you need to buy a special ticket, have a premade team of 5 players and a verified accounts. Those who will participate in the games will receive special rewards.

How It Works

Clash will be held every two weeks starting with May 25. The tournament will last for three days, each featuring its own single-elimination bracket. On Day 1 you’ll play in a 4-team bracket and have to win two series to advance to the next day. Day 2 will feature an 8-team bracket, with three wins needed to qualify for the last day. The final 3rd day will feature a 16-team bracket, with four wins needed to get the Clash Trophy. The champion selection follows the draft format with two ban phases and two pick phases. The team captain is responsible for the bans, while all champions are free to select. In order to participate in the mode you need to form a full 5 man team. Once the roster is confirmed, it cannot be changed. You can choose a name and a logo for your team. Each team member will have to have a ticket of his own. You will be matched with opponents of your skill-level.

How to Participate

To be able to participate in the new mode, your account needs to meet certain requirements. First of all, you need to be level 30 or above, be ranked in Summoner’s Rift and have honor level 2 or higher. Then you’ll have to undergo the process of SMS verification – the specified mobile phone will be linked to your account for 6 months.

Tickets and Rewards

You need to buy a ticket to enter Clash. You can enter either with 1 or 5 tickets – the latter is called “a premier entry” and upgrades your prizes, meaning that you will get more Victory Points (which allow you to unlock banners and logos) when winning the matches and more loot when dropping out of a bracket. The winners of the bracket will receive special Trophies. A ticket costs 990 Blue Essence or 215 RP and can be gifted to your friends.

You can get even more details on the upcoming mode from its official webpage.

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