FaZe Clan Place First at PUBG Europe League Phase 2

FaZe Clan Place First at PUBG Europe League Phase 2

FaZe Clan Place First at PUBG Europe League Phase 2

The second phase of PUBG Europe League has completed. FaZe Clan placed first after securing 705 tournament points. Natus Vincere and Team Liquid placed second and third with 690 and 686 points respectively.

PUBG Europe League 2019: Phase 2 was held on May 17th – July 7th in Berlin and featured 16 teams competing for a $350,000 prize pool and five tickets to GLL Grand Slam. Top ten teams secured their place in the third phase, while the teams placed 13-16th were relegated to PEL Promotion – Phase 3. On top of that, top five teams secured the last tickets to the international LAN-event Global Loot League Grand Slam.

PUBG Europe League Phase 2 Results:

Place $ USD Seed Team Points
1st $100,000 GLL Grand Slam FaZe Clan 705
2nd $75,000 GLL Grand Slam Natus Vincere 690
3rd $55,000 GLL Grand Slam Team Liquid 686
4th $40,000 GLL Grand Slam G2 Esports 682
5th $30,000 GLL Grand Slam Pittsburgh Knights 568
6th $20,000 Phase 3 Team SoloMid 563
7th $15,000 Phase 3 CrowCrowd 531
8th $15,000 Phase 3 Ninjas in Pyjamas 531
9th - Phase 3 Raise Your Edge 518
10th - Phase 3 Digital Athletics 499
11th - Phase 3 ENCE 498
12th - Phase 3 Winstrike Team 495
13th - PEL Promotion Team Reciprocity 478
14th - PEL Promotion Team Vitality 442
15th - PEL Promotion M19 429
16th - PEL Promotion UNITY 391

GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic is scheduled for July 19th-21st, it will be held in Stockholm, Sweden where sixteen participants will compete for $300,000. The following teams will participate in the event:

GLL Grand Slam Participants:

  • Europe: FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, Pittsburgh Knights
  • North America: Tempo Storm, Cloud9, Ghost Gaming, The Rumblers, Spacestation Gaming
  • Latin America: Team Singularity, Bitloft, ex-Brazilian Crusaders
  • Oceania: Athletico, Incognito, Hell Yeah Brother
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