PUBG Update #24: New Snowy Map Vikendi

PUBG Update #24: New Snowy Map Vikendi

PUBG Update #24: New Snowy Map Vikendi

PUBG Corp. have released a new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Test Server, which adds a new 6x6 snow-themed map called Vikendi. The update is expected to be moved to the stable branch on December 19th.

New Map – Vikendy

The size of Vikendy is 6x6km, which is right between the size of Miramar with Erangel (both are 8x8km) and Sanhok (which is 6x6). Gameplaywise, the developers want it to be at a midpoint between the maps – level 3 helmets will spawn in the world, level 3 vests are more common, smoke grenades are spawned at a higher rate. The map also features a unique weapon and vehicle.

New Assault Rifle – G36C

G36C is a new assault rifle that spawns only in Vikendi. It uses the 5.56mm ammo; its standard magazine loads 30 bullets and can be extended to 40 bullets. It has lower and upper rail for attachments, but cannot attack a stock.

New Vehicle – Snowmobile

Snowmobile spawns only in Vikendi, it seats 2 players and is suited for driving on snow and ice.

In addition to the above, the update also includes UI changes, performance improvements and parachute system overhaul. You can find the full patch notes on the Steam page.

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