PUBG Update 25: New Content and Balance Changes for Vikendi

PUBG Update 25: New Content and Balance Changes for Vikendi

PUBG Update 25: New Content and Balance Changes for Vikendi

PUBG Corp. has released a new test update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which focuses mainly on the recently added snowy map Vikendi. Among other things, the developers added Snowbike, Canted Sight, Bizon PP-19, Moonlight Weather, as well as tweaked item balance for Vikendi.

New Weapon – Bizon

Bizon is a submachine gun that uses 9mm ammo; it spawns exclusively on Vikendi and Erangel. While it holds 53 rounds by default, the weapon does not take magazine and grips attachments.

New Attachment – Canted Sight

Canted sight is a new scope that can be attached to the weapons with a secondary scope slot. The following weapons support Canted sight:

  • AR – Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C
  • DMR – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS
  • SR – AWM, M24, Kar98k
  • SMG – UMP, Vector, Bizon
  • Shotgun – S12K
  • LMG – M249

New Vehicle – Snowbike

Snowbike can be found only on Vikendi. Compared to the Snowmobile, it has a higher speed but lower durability. The motorcycle will no longer spawn on the map.

New Weather Setting – Moonlight

Moonlight weather is unique to Vikendi, and while it happens during night-time, you will be able to see your enemies thanks to bright moon and polar lights.

Vikendi Balance Changes


  • Bluezone will be generated further away from the center
  • Damage of the last zone has been increased

Item spawns

  • Decreased the number of SMGs and increased the number of ARs
  • Decreased the number of DMRs (SR rate remains the same)
  • Reduced the number of LV3 helmets and vests
  • Balanced the spawn ratio of attachments

The other changes, including Survivor Pass updates, performance improvements and multiple bug fixes can be found in the official changelog.

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