Rainbow Six: G2 Esports Win DreamHack Winter 2018

Rainbow Six: G2 Esports Win DreamHack Winter 2018

Rainbow Six: G2 Esports Win DreamHack Winter 2018

DreamHack Winter 2018, which was held from November 30th – December 2nd in Jönköping, Sweden, included a Rainbow Six: Siege tournament with $50,000 at stake. In the grand finals of the event G2 Esports defeated PENTA Sports 2-1, claiming $25,000 in prize money.

The tournament’s line-up consisted of 15 from both Europe and Americas. During the group stage they competed in four GSL groups with best-of-three matches. Top two teams from each group made it to the single-elimination playoffs bracket and best-of-three series.

Both G2 Esports and PENTA Sports qualified to the playoffs from Group A, which consisted of three teams only. In the opening match PENTA Sports defeated HYYRIKKI Esports 2-0, but then they lost to G2 Esports in the winners’ match. In the decider match PENTA defeated HYYRIKKI once more, this time with the 2-1 score. In the playoffs G2 Esports outplayed Team Liquid (2-1) and Team Empire (2-1), while PENTA managed to beat Chaos EC (2-0) and Spacestation Gaming (2-1). The final series concluded with the 2-1 score in favor of G2 Esports. Meanwhile Team Empire defeated Spacestation in the 3rd place match.

Earlier in November G2 Esports also emerged victorious at Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 8.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. G2 Esports 1-0 20-10 1. Team Empire 2-0 28-18
2. PENTA Sports 2-1 42-41 2. Mock-it Esports 2-1 38-27
3. HYYRIKKI Esports 0-2 21-3 3. MnM Gaming 1-2 34-29
4. Grayhound Gaming 0-2 29-48
Group C Group D
1. Spacestation 2-0 34-15 1. Chaos EC 2-0 31-16
2. PACT 2-1 48-35 2. Team Liquid 2-1 52-48
3. LeStream Esports 1-2 50-54 3. Trust Gaming 1-2 48-51
4. Minigolfgutta 0-2 0-28 4. ENCE eSports 0-2 14-32

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $25,000 G2 Esports
2nd $12,000 PENTA Sports
3rd $6,000 Team Empire
4th $3,000 Spacestation Gaming
5th-8th $1,000 Team Liquid, PACT, Mock-it Esports, Chaos EC
9th-12th - HYYRIKKI Esports, MnM Gaming, LeStream Esports, Trust Gaming
13th-15th - APOL, Minigolfgutta, ENCE eSports
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