Kaipi Is Back with a New Roster

Kaipi Is Back with a New Roster

Kaipi is back to the Dota 2 scene with a new roster. The roster was revealed at the official page of registration for majors and minor.

According to the registration page, the new roster includes Charlie "Charlie" Arat, Pittner "bOne7" Armand, Axel "Pablo" Källman, Angel "Flash" Niamtu and Ivaylo "Mastermind" Petkov. Earlier these players played together under the WU TANG name. They placed 4th at Taurora Invitational #2 and 3-4th at CryptØmasters Dota 2.

Kaipi is a Romanian team, firstly created in 2012. Its last Dota 2 roster seized to exist in 2017. The team’s total earnings exceed $55,000.


  • Charlie "Charlie" Arat
  • Ivaylo "Mastermind" Petkov
  • Pittner "bOne7" Armand
  • Axel "Pablo" Källman
  • Angel "Flash" Niamtu
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