PUBG Update: New Map Sanhok, New Weapon and Optimization

In the newest update for PlayerUnknonw’s Battlegrounds the developers added a new map with a new weapon, as well as presented improvements for user interface and implemented various bug fixes.

New Map – Sanhok

Sanhok’s size is 4km x 4km, which is much smaller than Erangel or Miramar (they are 8x8 km). Despite the fact that the map is small, the games on it will still include 100 players. Sanhok has dynamic weather and bluezone. The developers also adjusted spawn balance – you will get more ARs, SMGs and DMRs. They also presented a brand-new weapon, which is exclusive to Sanhok – QGZ, an AR that uses 5.56mm rounds.

With the introduction of the new map, you won’t be able to choose one of them. Instead, there are two playlists available – “Battle Royal”, which includes both Erangel and Miramar, and “Mini Royal”, which includes Sanhok.

Other Changes

The update also features various quality of life improvement and bug fixes, including server optimization, updates for friend list, leaderboards, and in-game UI. The full list of changes can be seen in the official changelog.

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