Lomachenko Commented about the Upcoming Fight with Lopez

Lomachenko Commented about the Upcoming Fight with Lopez

WBC, WBA, and WBO - all these lightweight titles are currently collected in the hands of one fighter, Vasyl Lomachenko. He gave his official comments on the upcoming fight with the IBF championship belt owner, Teofimo Lopez.

Direct speech

"I am happy to check what Lopez is capable of on October 17. I saw that he has good boxing intelligence, a good shot, considerable speed, and very young and prone to accomplishments. I am very interested in what will happen as a result. It will be useful to compare our levels and understand whose skills are better," said Vasyl Lomachenko at his last press conference.

"I do not feel personal feelings and hostility to him, but we can only learn about our professional qualities by meeting the best fighters. My goal is to become the owner of all the titles and he holds the IBF belt, which I think is incredibly necessary for me. I will try to take it with all my might," the Ukrainian finished.

More about the press conference

The press conference was held online, recently in the evening, on October 6. Lomachenko looked calm, balanced, and radiated with full confidence in his victory.

Let's see how this fight goes, although the probability that he will take away that belt from the IBF champion is incredibly high. Remains only to wish him good luck!

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