Theo Walcott will play for Southampton

Theo Walcott will play for Southampton

As the "Saints`" press office recently reported, they have successfully struck a deal to take on one of Everton's wingers, Theo Walcott, until the end of this season. He can stay to play with his home club with a high degree of probability even after the transfer period has expired.


One of the main reasons that prompted the winger to return to his home club is the lack of adequate playing practice at Everton. He was simply practically not allowed to play on the field. According to insider information, this was one of the critical reasons that prompted the 31-year-old native of England to return to Southampton again.

Everton has chosen to refrain from making any official comments regarding this transfer at this time.

Official comment from the star

"I had some pretty good options for transferring to other clubs. However, when the information came to me that Southampton needed me, I did not hesitate for a minute," says the footballer.

"I am too emotionally attached to this club. It raised me, and I am a full part of It. Southampton is forever in my heart. I may cry when I first enter the field with my native team. That's how much it means to me," Walcott finished.

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