Dana White intends to talk to Donald Cerrone about retirement

Dana White intends to talk to Donald Cerrone about retirement

The end of a career in MMA is much more invisible than in most other sports since one knockout can seriously affect the future career and the entire life of a fighter.

Donald Cerrone Defeats

The public's favorite, Donald Cerrone, has not delighted his fans with victories in the octagon for a long time. Since 2019, he has not been able to win five matches in a row. Defeats to Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor were the impetus for thinking about continuing life without fighting. However, the "Cowboy" has little extreme in life. Fights for him are still the most incredible adrenaline rush. Even after the defeat to Anthony Pettis and a controversial draw in a duel with Niko Price, Cerrone is still a UFC fighter. However, in September last year, Dana White made it clear to journalists that he seriously intends to talk with the fighter about retirement. He stated that he loves Donald and knows that it will crush him and break his heart, but it's time to talk to him.

Cowboy's style has undergone some changes with age, but his main problem is an open face and constantly lowered hands. He will never fix it. And besides, he has been fighting in the welterweight division, where the risk and danger to his health are much higher than in the lightweight division.

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