TI8 Day 2: Evil Geniuses and VGJ.Storm Continue to Dominate their Groups

TI8 Day 2: Evil Geniuses and VGJ.Storm Continue to Dominate their Groups

As the second day of The International 2018 concludes, we are halfway through the group stage. During the second day there were five series of four matches played, two in Group A and three in Group B. Evil Geniuses and VGJ.Storm continued to show by far the best performance in their groups – EG currently has the score of 9-1, while the second place in Group A is taken by Team Liquid with the score of 5-3. In Group B VGJ.Storm are at the first place with the 7-1 score, while the group’s runner-up TNC Predator has the 6-4 score. As for outsiders, Winstrike Team lost all four games and moved to the last position in Group A with the 2-6 score, while in Group B the last place is shared by three teams with the same score – each Team Serenity, OpTic Gaming and paiN Gaming currently have the score of 3-5.

The group stage is held on August 15-18 behind the closed doors. The participants are competing in two round-robin groups of nine teams each with best-of-two series. The group stage determines the seeds for the playoffs – two teams placed last will be eliminated, four top teams from each group will make it to the upper bracket, while the teams placed 5-8th will advance to the lower bracket.

Group Standings after Day 2:

Group A Group B
Evil Geniuses 9-1 VGJ.Storm 7-0
Team Liquid 5-3 TNC Predator 6-4
Fnatic 5-3 Virtus.pro 5-3
PSG.LGD 5-5 Newbee 5-5
Mineski 4-6 Vici Gaming 4-6
Invictus Gaming 4-6 Team Secret 4-6
VGJ.Thunder 3-5 Team Serenity 3-5
OG 3-5 OpTic Gaming 3-5
Winstrike Team 2-6 paiN Gaming 3-5

Detailed Results of Day 2:

Series B3

  • paiN Gaming 1:1 TNC Predator
  • Vici Gaming 2:0 Newbee
  • Team Secret 1:1 Virtus.pro
  • OpTic Gaming 1:1 VGJ.Storm

Series A4

  • Invictus Gaming 1:1 Team Liquid
  • PSG.LGD 2:0 Winstrike Team
  • Evil Geniuses 2:0 OG
  • Fnatic 1:1 Mineski

Series B4

  • paiN Gaming 1:1 Team Secret
  • Vici Gaming 1:1 Team Serenity
  • Newbee 0:2 OpTic Gaming
  • Virtus.pro 1:1 TNC Predator

Series A5

  • Invictus Gaming 1:1 Fnatic
  • PSG.LGD 0:2 Evil Geniuses
  • Mineski 0:2 OG
  • VGJ.Thunder 2:0 Winstrike Team

Series B5

  • paiN Gaming 0:2 VGJ.Storm
  • Vici Gaming 1:1 Team Secret
  • Newbee 2:0 Team Serenity
  • TNC Predator 2:0 OpTic Gaming

Upcoming Matches:

Day 3, August 17-18

5:00 PM, Series A6

  • Invictus Gaming vs VGJ.Thunder
  • Evil Geniuses vs Winstrike Team
  • Team Liquid vs Mineski
  • Fnatic vs OG

07:30 PM, Series B6

  • paiN Gaming vs Vici Gaming
  • Newbee vs Virtus.pro
  • TNC Predator vs VGJ.Storm
  • OpTic Gaming vs Team Serenity

10:00 PM, Series A7

  • Invictus Gaming vs OG
  • PSG.LGD vs Fnatic
  • Liquid vs Winstrike Team
  • Mineski vs VGJ.Thunder

00:30 AM, Series B7

  • paiN Gaming vs Virtus.pro
  • Newbee vs VGJ.Storm
  • Team Secret vs OpTic Gaming
  • TNC Predator vs Team Serenity

03:00 PM, Series A8

  • Invictus Gaming vs PSG.LGD
  • Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid
  • Fnatic vs Winstrike Team
  • OG vs VGJ.Thunder
Day 4, August 17-18

5:00 PM, Series B8

  • paiN Gaming vs OpTic Gaming
  • Vici Gaming vs Virtus.pro
  • Team Secret vs TNC Predator
  • Team Serenity vs VGJ.Storm

07:30 PM, Series A9

  • PSG.LGD vs Mineski
  • Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic
  • Team Liquid vs VGJ.Thunder
  • OG vs Winstrike Team

10:00 PM, Series B9

  • paiN Gaming vs Team Serenity
  • Vici Gaming vs OpTic Gaming
  • Newbee vs Team Secret
  • Virtus.pro vs VGJ.Storm

The International 2018 takes place in Vancouver, Canada. The playoffs stage will be held on August 20-25 at Rogers Arena. The prize pool of the event exceeds $24,000,000.

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