TI9 China Qualifier: Group Stage Results

TI9 China Qualifier: Group Stage Results

The first stage of the Chinese qualifiers for The International 2019 has ended, with Invictus Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, CDEC Gaming and EHOME advancing to the next stage.

The group stage featured eight teams competing in a single group with round-robin format and best-of-three series. Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up placed first and second respectively, while CDEC Gaming, EHOME and Team Aster shared the third place. These teams competed in tiebreakers to determine the last two playoffs participants. Team Aster lost to both CDEC and EHOME, thus failed to qualify to the playoffs.

Group Stage:

1. Invictus Gaming 6-1
2. Royal Never Give Up 5-2
3. CDEC Gaming 4-3
3. EHOME 4-3
3. Team Aster 4-3
6. Newbee 3-4
7. Team Sirius 1-6
8. Team Serenity 1-6


1. CDEC Gaming 2-0
2. EHOME 1-1
3. Team Aster 0-2

The playoffs stage will be held on July 13-14th. The teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket, where all matches will be best-of-three except for grand final which is best-of-five.

Playoffs Preview (UK Time):

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