and Natus Vincere to Participate in Maincast Autumn Brawl and Natus Vincere to Participate in Maincast Autumn Brawl

Maincast, a recently created broadcasting studio by a Ukrainian caster Vitalii "v1lat" Volochai and an event administrator Andrey "x3m4eg" Grygoriev, is about to host their first Dota 2 event, and with Natus Vincere are among the participants.

The online tournament is called Maincast Autumn Brawl, it will be held on October 6-14 and feature a $80,000 prize pool. Overall there will be 20 participants from Europe and CIS, 4 of them will be directly invited to the playoffs, while another 16 teams will start their competition from the group stage. First, the teams will compete in four GSL groups with best-of-one series. Then, the playoffs stage will be held in a single-elimination format with best-of-three regular matches and best-of-five grand final.

Currently we know about two participants of the event – Natus Vincere and Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is safe to assume that will start from the playoffs stage, while Na`Vi will probably play in the group stage.

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