Quake is a series of first-person shooter video games, starting with the game of the same name, developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive in 1996. The current main competitive game is Quake Live that launched on September 17, 2014.

Fast-paced gameplay

The gameplay of Quake Live consists of players attempting to kill more of their opponents than any other player or team in a given match. This is achieved by navigating a 3D environment and shooting other players with a variety of weapons, while collecting health, armor, weapons, ammo and various power-ups.

Veteran of eSports

Being largely similar to Quake III Arena, which is renowned for its extensive use in professional electronic sports, Quake Live has seen inclusion in many tournaments worldwide. The last major event currently holding Quake Live competitions is QuakeCon. The next Quake game to be used for competitive events or for esport bet will be Quake Champions.