Online Poker and Video Poker: Free Poker Games

Poker is one of the most popular card games in all casinos around the world and has an incredible variety of titles. Even basic variants such as stud poker and community poker alone have dozens of different variations. In addition to all this, there is a special game called video poker. This game offers slot machine-like gameplay and combines simple rules with satisfying payouts. Below you can find a table showing the differences between traditional poker and video poker.



It is the name of a card game category with dozens of different variants.

It is the name given to a particular variant of poker.

All these variants use the same card hierarchy but have different rules and payouts.   

Offers 5-card poker combined with slot machine gameplay.   

Can be played online.

Can be played online.

Can be played for free.

Can be played for free.

Playable against real dealers.

Not playable against real dealers.

GGBet is one of the best online poker sites, and as a licensed casino, all its games have guaranteed fairness with eCOGRA certification. We also like to play poker, and we choose every poker variant in our collection by trying it ourselves first. Moreover, we offer the chance to play all our casino games for free or for real money. At GGBet, you can play free online poker games with fake money and switch to real money mode whenever you want. You can always find the latest and most popular poker games from the most respected developers in the iGaming industry on GGBet.

How to Play Poker at GGBet Casino

Getting started playing poker online at GGBet is easy as you don't even need to register for free play. You can start playing any of the RNG poker games in our collection by simply clicking the “demo” button. We offer all our visitors dozens of online free poker games. However, if you want to play variants such as Texas Holdem poker online for real money, you need to open an account and make your first deposit. In any case, you may need guidance on how to play poker online if this is your first time. Below we talk about the basics you need to know to start playing a free poker game.

Poker Terms

Poker, like all other casino card games, has some idiosyncratic terms, and you'll hear them often no matter what variant you play. We list and briefly explain the most common poker terms below so you can understand what they mean.

  • Ante: An initial bet that each player must place before receiving the cards.
  • All-In: This means that a player uses all his/her chips in the bet.
  • Blind: Similar to ante bet, but players bet different amounts depending on their position at the table (in ante bet, everyone bets the same amount).
  • Buy-In: The total amount of chips that must be purchased before a player can participate in a tournament.
  • Call: It means to continue the game by placing the minimum amount of bet.
  • Check: It means passing the betting round.
  • Community Cards: In some variants, there are cards that are placed face up on the table. Each player can use these cards to create/strengthen their own hand.
  • Fold: It means leaving your cards face down on the table and exiting the game.
  • No-Limit: This means there is no upper limit to the maximum bet on that game.
  • Pot: It is the name of the area on the table where the chips are placed. It indicates the total bet amount in the game.
  • Raise: Raising the bet above the minimum limit required for the call.

Poker Hands

Poker variants have different rules, but all use the same card hierarchy. Whichever variant you play, which hand is superior to the other will be decided according to the following hierarchy: 





Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J,10 (all same suit)


Straight Flush

J, 10, 9, 8, 7 (all same suit)


Four of a Kind

9, 9, 9, 9, K (different suits)


Full House

A, A, A, 3, 3 (different suits)



K, 10, 8, 7, 5 (all same suit)



10, 9, 8, 7, 6 (different suits)   


Three of a Kind   

7, 7, 7, Q, 3 (different suits)


Two Pair

J, J, 5, 5, 7 (different suits)



A, A, K, J, 7 (different suits)


High Card

K, 8, Q, 2, 7 (different suits)

Poker Guide

Whether you play free online poker or try your luck with real money, poker will always be played the same way. Below we explain how to play the online Texas Holdem variant step by step. But keep in mind that this is just an example, and different variants will have different rules. We recommend that you first read the paytables and learn the rules when playing poker games online.

  1. Start by placing your bets. The initial bets can be determined by the rules of the ante or blind (i.e., fixed or variable for each player), but in any case, the game will begin with placing the first bets.
  2. Take your first two cards and make a decision. After receiving the first two cards, you must either call, check or fold.
  3. Check community cards. After the first betting round has ended, three cards will be placed face-up on the table. Start the second round by checking them and decide whether to call, check, raise or fold.
  4. Look at the fourth community card. In the next turn, the fourth community card will also be placed face-up on the table. Again, call, check, raise, or fold.
  5. Check the river card. After the fifth and last community card (river) is placed on the table, you can see the true strength of your hand. Begin the last round of betting and decide whether to call, check, raise, or fold.
  6. See the winner. The end of the last betting round is called the “showdown” phase, and all players show their cards. The one with the highest hand according to the card hierarchy above wins.

How to Play Video Poker at GGBet Casino

Video poker is a special variant of this game designed to be played alone. The game resembles slot machines but with poker cards on reels instead of symbols. Five cards are dealt in each spin, and it is possible to remove some of these cards and replace them with new ones.

The goal is to create a valid poker hand, and the payout is determined by the rank of the created hand in the hierarchy. Video poker online games may also have their own unique card formations that do not fall within the classical hierarchy (such as giving two Jacks a special payout). Playing paid or free video poker on GGBet is very easy, and you just need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a game on this page and click the “demo” button if you want to play for free or the “play” button if you want to play for real money.
  • Once the game loads, set your stake and press the "deal" button. You will receive 5 random cards.
  • You can remove some cards then and click the Deal button again: the cards you removed will be replaced by new ones. (For example, if you have removed 2 cards, you will receive 2 more random cards.) However, this is not mandatory, and you can complete the game with the first dealt cards if you wish.
  • If you manage to create a valid poker hand with the first or second cards you get, you will become eligible for a payout determined by the paytable. If you fail, you can try your luck again.

Best Free Poker Games

We work with the most respected developers in the industry to provide our Canadian members with the largest and the most diverse collection of online poker games. We regularly update our collection, ensuring you always play the latest and most popular games. We are one of the best free poker sites on the internet, and if you are looking for free online poker no download games, you are in the right place. You can start free Texas Holdem practice right now or try your luck in any other game variant. But if you don't know which games to start with, we're ready to help you: see our recommendations below.

Top 3 Poker Games

  1. Casino Stud Poker (Play’n GO)
  2. Red Panda Poker (Arcadem)
  3. Oasis Poker (Betsoft)

Top 3 Video Poker Games

  1. Bonus Poker (Betsoft)
  2. Aces & Faces (Microgaming)
  3. Jacks or Better (Amatic)

Advantages of Playing Poker at GGBet Casino

There are multiple reasons why GGBet Casino is the best among poker websites. If you choose us to play poker online, you not only get access to one of the largest collections of games but also many benefits. Below, you can see the advantages of playing online poker at GGBet.

  • We also love card games. Our team is made up of fans of card games, especially poker. Not only do we offer you these games, but we also play them ourselves. This allows us to understand the expectations of other players.
  • We have an unrivalled collection of the best poker games and let you play for free for place real money bets. Our demo games allow you to learn the rules and test different strategies risk-free. We only require you to open an account if you want to play for real money, and we offer numerous ways to deposit & withdraw comfortably and safely.
  • We offer a safe and legal service. GGBet works under a Curacao license and guarantees the fairness of its games. Our eCOGRA certification gives you confidence that our RNG games are fair.
  • We respect the safety and privacy of our members. We protect all our pages with SSL encryption and store the personal information we collect from our visitors in accordance with international laws.
  • We know that most players play poker and other casino games from mobile devices. That's why we use a responsive design on our website: you can find the same performance and features on iOS, Android and Windows devices. If you wish, you can also use the native application we have developed for Android. Whichever device you use, getting started on GGBet is as easy as opening your web browser.

Join Our Virtual Poker Club Today!

Getting started to play poker at GGBet is easy: if you want to play poker online free games, simply select any title and click the "demo" button. The game will launch in your browser in a few seconds. If you want to play for real money, you can click the "sign up" button and create an account in a few minutes. You can continue to play online poker free demo even after you have opened an account. Join our virtual poker club right now and start playing dozens of free poker games!


What poker game is the most suitable for beginners?

While there are lots of variants you can play, 5-card classic poker, the basis of video poker machines, will be the best option for beginners as it has a simple ruleset and fast gameplay.

What poker game has the lowest house edge?

Video poker games have the lowest house edge and the highest payout rate. Most of these games offer an RTP higher than 99%, and some titles even have positive (more than 100%) RTP rates.

What are blinds?

Blind is the name of the initial bet that must be placed to enter a game. Unlike ante, the amount of blind bets can change according to your position on the table.

What is a rake in casino poker?

Rake is the name of the commission taken by the casino/card room. It is usually equal to 2.5% - 10% of the pot. Land-based casinos get this commission because most variants of poker are played between the players, not against the casino. This is the only way for casinos to make money from these games.

What are pot odds in casino poker?

These odds are the ratio between the pot size and the bets. If the ante bet is 10 CAD and a player bets 5 CAD, the pot becomes 15 CAD, and the odds are 15:5. As a player, you should aim to lower the right digit as much as possible.

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