Penalty Shoot Out Game

Penalty Shoot Out is an instant casino game. Developed by Evoplay Entertainment, it is an insta game based on soccer. Before you start playing, you have to choose the country you want to root for. There are 24 teams to choose from. Once you have selected your team, you can start the game.

Then, you have to place a bet (0.1-100) and then choose one out of five spots to score a goal. Once you hit the ball, your player will attempt to land a soccer goal on the spot you selected. If the goalie blocks it, you do not win. You win money if you successfully score a goal.

Penalty Shoot Out Game Payouts

Since the gaming mechanic of this instant game is different from other casino games, the payout is also different. On top of the goal, you will see several multipliers. The multipliers increase as you keep on hitting goals in succession. Here are the multipliers:

  • First win – 1.92x
  • Second win – 3.84x
  • Third win – 7.68x
  • Fourth win – 15.36x
  • Fifth win – 30.72x

Remember, the multiplier only increases on successive wins. The multiplier only works if you re-bet your wins. It is like a gamble feature that you typically see in online slots. By clicking on the button called “random,” the game will choose a spot where to target the goal instead of you. Also, you can collect your winnings at any point and neglect the multiplier. If you land a win, you can collect the winnings or re-bet to make the multiplier bar increase. If you collect, the multiplier is back to zero.

Penalty Shoot Out Instant Game for Free or for Real Money 

There are two gaming modes to choose from at GGBet casino. The first mode is the demo play. If you choose this, you do not need an account to play. Not all casino games are like this. Penalty Shoot Out is really innovative. Give it a try now and play Penalty Shoot Out for free on our site. You can also test other casino games at no cost at GGBET. 

If what you want is to win real cash, you have to bet real money and be a registered member. So, to win real money, you must first create an account at GGBet online casino, make your first deposit and get your bonus if you qualify for one. Then place your bet and cross your fingers for good luck!