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Forget about the days when you’d have to travel to Macau or Las Vegas to enjoy the thrill of wagering on roulette. GGBet is here to offer you a wide variety of game variants that bring the true-to-life casino experience to wherever you are. What is more, you can enjoy playing these games on the go, from any location and whenever you feel like getting your fix of the Little Wheel game.

Online roulette is a unique casino game that boasts of high-power excitement. Besides, it’s a game that guarantees substantial returns for the smart players who make the right choices. This is one of the many reasons why roulette has gained massive popularity amongst casino enthusiasts.

Ever since the little wheel game was invented, more than three centuries ago, it continues to tickle the fancy of more players, even those who are new to casino gambling. Within the last few decades, the introduction of online gaming has played a huge role in the rise of roulette betting as one of the favorite games for casino players. 

Play roulette online at GGBet for a chance to revel in a rich collection of great games filled with money-spinning payouts and high winning odds as long as you play your cards right. Let’s take a closer look at why you should play online roulette games at GGBet.

Advantages of Playing Roulette Games at GGBet 

There’s no denying that playing roulette in a land-based casino can be an incredible experience. However, if you don’t have the time or even the big budget that such an escapade requires, what do you do? The answer is simple, come spin the roulette wheel online at the GGBet online casino. In case you were wondering, here’s a highlight of why you should be enjoying the Devil’s Wheel online casino game on our platform: 


  • Wide range of roulette online games


One of the main reasons why GGBet should be your go-to platform for online casino roulette games is because of the range of game variants that we offer. You’ll have the pleasure of enjoying the likes of European, American and French Roulette game variants. Better yet, you can also spin the wheels of other less popular game variants such as Common Draw and Zoom Roulette on our GGBet lobby as well. 


  • Play free online roulette


At GGbet, we also cater to the needs of beginners as they can start playing for free without risking any money via the game’s demo mode. This means that our platform will offer you a chance to understand the mechanics of the game before you can put your money on the line. You’ll also be happy to know that there’s no app or software that you need to download, and no registration is required if you want to play free online roulette. 

As soon as you’re content with your preferred game variant and ready to back your wagers with real money, you can sign up and spin the giant wheel to win real money.


  • A platform backed by pro gamers 


The creative team behind our platform comprises seasoned enthusiasts who play roulette online professionally. This implies that we’re fully aware of what players go through as they make their bets and what exactly they look for when they want to enjoy the game. Therefore, GGBet was designed with the player in mind, to offer the best platform which caters to the needs of both beginners and veteran players. 


  • Powered by the best software developers


The other reason why you should spin the roulette wheel online here is because all the games that we offer are powered by first-class software developers. As such, we can guarantee that you will have a good time irrespective of the game variant that you choose or whether you want to play roulette online for free or back your wagers with real cash.


  • Security and safety is a priority at GGBet


On top of offering players a state-of-the-art platform for online casino roulette gaming, at GGBet, we also don’t compromise on the safety and security of our members. Given that you’ll be playing roulette for real money after you become a member, your security is our top consideration. Moreover, when creating your account, you also fill in some personal info that you surely don't want any other person to see. 

At GGBet, punters never have to worry about safety. Our platform is equipped with the most advanced SSL encryption technology that masks both your personal and financial data.  Thus, all the information you share or transactions you carry out can only be accessed by you and only you. Hence, you can go ahead and enjoy playing your favorite games without any worries about safety and security.

Best Software Providers of Roulette Games at GGBet

As we’ve already mentioned, at GGBet, we source our roulette casino games from certified, award-winning software developers that have a stellar reputation in the online gaming business. Below are some of the well-known and top-tier developers that power the GGBet gaming lobby:


Founded in 1996, Net Entertainment, popularly referred to as NetEnt, is a Swedish-based gaming developer that has consistently transformed the online gaming industry by using cutting-edge technologies to push the limits of online gaming. 

One of the many ways that the developer has steered the industry ahead is through creating next-gen mobile games that allow you to enjoy casino games from any location. Moreover, Net Entertainment also focuses on user-friendliness in all its titles to ensure that both beginners and pros can have an easy time navigating through the games. 

Such qualities are why we have NetEnt as one of our game suppliers. Spin the roulette wheel of any of the games from NetEnt at GGBet, and you’ll be impressed by the quality of the graphical interface, the intuitive gameplay and overall immersion. Some of the NetEnt games you can play at GGBet include French, European and Advanced Roulettes.


Established in 1994 in the Isle of Man, Microgaming is a fully-fledged developer of online casino games, including online roulette titles. Microgaming is generally hailed as the pioneer of online casino gaming, and more than two decades later, the developer isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Our GGBet lobby is graced with some high-octane Microgaming roulette titles such as American Roulette. 


BetSoft Gaming has made a splendid reputation for itself in the industry by creating 3D cinematic titles that offer casino players true to life immersion via desktop and mobile platforms. At GGBet, we chose Betsoft because of the provider’s knack for gluing players to the screen with its lifelike innovative games. You can experience Betsofts prowess by spinning the roulette wheel hits like Zoom and Common Draw Roulettes in our GGbet lobby.

GGBet Roulettes List

At GGbBet online casino, we understand what different players want. For that reason, we offer different options for the online roulette game to suit the tastes of both newbies and experienced players. Here’s a breakdown of the most common game variations you can opt for at GGBet:

European Roulette

The European roulette wheel features 37 pockets, which are numbered from 0-36. The free European roulette game has its roots traced from as far back as the 17th century, and it provides the bettor with more value compared to other variants as it features a single zero. Having only one zero implies not only a lower house edge but also a better return ratio for gamers.

American Roulette

The free American roulette is largely similar to the European one. However, the main difference between the American roulette wheel and that of the European version is the extra zero: the double zero (00) pocket, which brings about a higher house edge for the former. The game is popular amongst players in North and South America and comes in a wide variety of online forms. 

The Impact of the Additional Zero

If you crunch the numbers, you’ll notice that the house will have a 2.70% margin for bets placed on one number when the zero is only one, like in the European game version. However, when the zeros are two, the house advantage increases to 5.26%. This a significant variation that will also apply to other kinds of wagers. It's the primary reason why European roulette is generally more popular than its American counterpart. 

French Roulette

On face value, French roulette usually appears similar to the popular European variant. Although they both have a single zero, the French roulette wheel comes with other unique features that make it even better from the bettor’s point of view.

One of the features is the ‘La Partage’ rule where if you place an even wager on any of the variations (odds or even, black or red, 'first eighteen or last eighteen') and then the ball lands on the zero-field, you get 50% of your stake back. Over the long term, this is a big deal to the player as it lowers the house advantage for such a bet from  2.70% to just 1.35%.

Other variants of this game will feature ‘En Prison’, a rule where if you place a wager on odds or evens, and then the ball drops into the zero-field, you’re given a second chance to win your bet back. So, the dealer will mark your wager to put it in ‘prison’ and let you spin the wheel one more time. If you win, you get your stake back. If not, you lose your bet to the house.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

The Live Dealer version of the game lets you enjoy the thrill of a real casino from the comfort of your home. You'll have the chance to make bets on a real-life wheel spun by a real dealer to provide you with an authentic land-based casino gaming experience. Even better, you can enjoy a live chat with fellow bettors and the dealer, which makes the experience more realistic than that of the standard free roulette game where you bet against the computer. 

Other Types of Online Roulette

While the European, French, and American variants are the most popular types of the online roulette for real money games, there are many other spin-offs that you can enjoy playing online. However, while they may look and sound different, they borrow a lot from the standard variants. The other types you might come across online include the likes of:

Roulette Advanced

This is an innovative roulette variant created by Net Entertainment that draws inspiration from the standard European variant. One of the unique aspects of this spin-off is that it comes with a Racetrack option that offers you an alternative way to place your wagers.

Common Draw Roulette

This game resembles European roulette but with a few exceptions. Here, the spins of the wheel take place after every 35 seconds, and you are supposed to place wagers within 5 seconds of each spin. You will win your wager if the ball lands on the color or number that you chose after the wheel stops spinning. The game usually includes hot and cold numbers that you can analyze to make the correct wager.

Zoom Roulette

It’s another exciting variant of the standard European little wheel game popularly offered by BetSoft. On top of the stunning visuals that render the presentation of the title in a modern and easy to understand gaming format, Zoom Roulette comes with different betting templates such as Zero bets and Orphelins pre-configured by default.

Bonuses for Roulette Players

One thing we enjoy doing at GGBet is offering punters the best bonuses. Whether you’re a regular or a new player, you can always find a set of bonuses and promotions to cash in on and play your favorite game. These bonuses and promotions, which include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and even cashback deals, allow you to spin the Little Wheel with extra money and offer you more winning opportunities. 

Right now, for instance, GGBet offers new members a lucrative new player bonus of $400 and 175 free spins. However, it’s unfortunate that the bonus free spins can’t be used to play roulette as they are only meant for slots. But after becoming a member and loading your first deposit, you can redeem this welcome bonus and use its “cash” part as it’s applicable for the roulette wheel game (except Classic Roulette Live and other live games). Or, you can use the free spins in slots and after that, switch to roulette. In any case, contact our customer support for detailed information about current bonus offers and assistance.

Final Words

Without a doubt, roulette remains one of the most exciting casino games that bettors can play mainly because understanding the game is relatively straightforward. Moreover, if you’re new to roulette gaming, GGBet offers you the chance to play for free and learn the ropes before you start wagering real money. 

What next? Go ahead and hit the ‘Sign Up’ button at the GGBet homepage to register an account, cash in on the welcome bonus and choose your preferred land-based roulette simulator wheel game to start having fun. Best of Luck!


How to bet on roulette?

No matter which variant you play, all betting options will be visible on the roulette table. A roulette table has different sections containing numbers, colours, and ranges of numbers. You should place your chips on at least one of these sections. You can specify the number and value of chips as you wish.

How to play online roulette?

Playing roulette online is easy and requires no experience. Start by placing your chips on a section on the table: you can bet on a number, a colour, a range of numbers, or odd/even numbers. Click the spin button and wait for the wheel to stop: if the result is the same as your bet, you will get a payout.

How to play roulette professionally?

If you want to play roulette like a professional gambler, we recommend using a strategy or system. This strategy can be to increase or decrease the wager amount according to a certain rule or to place certain bets. However, note that there is no strategy or system that guarantees a win.

How to win at roulette?

To win at roulette, your bet and the spin result must be the same. For example, if you bet "red 7" and the wheel outcome is "7," you are eligible for a payout. Different bets cover different outcomes and have different chances of winning for the same reason. However, the payouts also vary depending on the winning chance.