CS:GO Danger Zone Update: New Map and Features

CS:GO Danger Zone Update: New Map and Features

Valve have released a major update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Battle Royale mode Danger Zone, which introduced a new Dust II themed map Sirocco and several new features, including starting perks, respawn system and new items.

New Features:

  • A new map Sirocco with a Dust II vibe to it
  • Respawn System that allows players to respawn anywhere in the map as long as their squad survives
  • Starting Perks – players can choose an item they spawn with: among current options are Exojump, Parachute, Health Shot and Taser
  • Weapons now have much more ammo
  • Tablets now show the nearest large weapon crate

New Items:

  • Bump Mines that can be tossed on the ground and launches players that step on it to the air
  • Exojump Boots that allow players to jump higher and access hard to reach places

The developers have also teased new content that will be added to the game with future updates:

  • Ballistic Shield: grants extra protection with a cost of not being able to shoot
  • Drone Pilot: a remote control drone that can be used to scout the area
  • Bonus Money for exploring the map and surviving bomb waves

Earlier Valve excluded Abbey and Biome from competitive matchmaking, replacing them with Workout and Ruby.

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