Dota 2 Compendium Update: Player Cards and Predictions

Dota 2 Compendium Update: Player Cards and Predictions

With the newest update for Dota 2 the owners of Battle Pass will be able to unwrap their Player Card Packs, make predictions on The International 2018 group stage and main event, as well as receive special visual effects by selecting their favorite team.

Player Cards

This time you don’t need to open each card pack individually, the cards will simply show up. You can also purchase a special card with dust, which is acquired by disassembling unwanted cards. The cards can be used for Fantasy League. Also, if you just select your favorite team, you will get the following items: spray, effigy flag, and profile icon. Additionally, if you collect cards of a full team, you’ll receive custom teleport effect, with silver and gold collections granting upgraded versions of it.


The owners of Battle Pass now can make predictions for the group stage and main event of The International 2018. The following sections of predictions are available: Hero, Team, Player, and Tournament. Making a right prediction grants you Battle Points, from 200 to 2500 points. The predictions will close in 42 days.

The International 2018 will take place on August 15-25 in Vancouver, Canada. The tournament’s line-up consists of 18 teams. Currently the prize pool exceeds $19,500,000.

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