Dota 2: New Matchmaking Season

Dota 2: New Matchmaking Season

Valve have announced the beginning of a new ranked season in Dota 2. The calibration period will begin this Thursday, September 19th, while the new changes will be introduced gradually over the coming few days.

Among the announced new features of this season are:

  • Role Symmetry – the matchmaking system will now make a bigger emphasis on players of the same role having similar rating;
  • Draft Role Report allows to report players who do not play their selected role. The report button will be available during the drafting process and the first minutes of the game;
  • Core and Support Ranks will now affect each other instead of being completely separate.

Besides that the developers have banned players with exceptionally low behaviour score, those who sale and purchase Steam accounts, as well as users that use exploits to gain an advantage over other players. In future Valve will conduct weekly ban waves without additional announcements. The developers will also try to solve the smurfing issue by using number verification, changing requirement for ranked access from a number of played games to 100 hours of playtime, as well as forcing recalibration to detected accounts. Overall, going forward matchmaking remains a priority for the development team.

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