Dota Pro Circuit in 2018 – 2019: Changes to Roster Locks, Points Allocation and Qualifying Process

As the final tournament of the current Dota 2 season is nearing its end, Valve revealed all the details about the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit 2018 – 2019, which will undergo multiple significant changes, including adjustments to roster locks and DPC points distribution, as well as changes to minor & major structure. The main changes are listed below.

Rosters and DPC Points

  • No more hard roster locks – teams can change their roster without being disqualified from DPC
  • Qualifying points will be associated with registered teams instead of individual players
  • When a team removes a player from its roster, it loses 20% of all its points
  • Teams won’t be able to change rosters when the TI Invites and Qualifiers start

Minors and Majors

  • Minors and Major will be held together, in total there will be 5 pairs
  • No direct invites to either Minors or Majors
  • The teams that won’t qualify for a Major will be eligible to participate in a Minor
  • The winner of a Minor will advance to the respective Major
  • All Minors will feature at least eight teams; the Major will feature at least 16 teams


Valve also presented the full schedule of the upcoming season, which begins on September 15, and stressed that the organizer of the first Major in November is already set.

1st pair

  • Sep 17-Sep 21: Major Qualifier
  • Sep 23-Sep 26: Minor Qualifiers
  • Oct 29-Nov 4: Minor Main Event
  • Nov 8-Nov 19: Major Main Event

2nd pair

  • Nov 26-Nov 30: Major Qualifiers
  • Dec 1-Dec 4: Minor Qualifiers
  • Jan 7-Jan 13: Minor Main Event
  • Jan 17-Jan 27: Major Main Event

3rd pair

  • Feb 1-Feb 5: Major Qualifier
  • Feb 7-Feb 10: Minor Qualifier
  • Mar 4-Mar 10: Minor Main Event
  • Mar 14-Mar 24: Major Main Event

4th pair

  • Mar 28-Apr 1: Major Qualifier
  • Apr 3-Apr 6: Minor Qualifiers
  • Apr 22-Apr 28: Minor Main Event
  • May 2-May 12: Major Main Event

5th pair

  • May 15-May 19: Major Qualifier
  • May 21-May 24: Minor Qualifiers
  • June 10-June 16: Minor Main Event
  • June 20-June 30: Major Main Event
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