Dota 2: Earthshaker Arcana Released

Dota 2: Earthshaker Arcana Released

Valve have released a new Arcana item for Earthshaker called Planetfall, which can be unlocked by reaching level 365 in this year’s Battle Pass. The Arcana has two styles and introduces new visual effects, icons, voice changes and more.

Arcana Features:

  • New Model and Pedestal
  • Second Style unlocked by earning 500 kills or assists with Echo Slam
  • Combo Counter
  • Custom Spell Effects for Echo Slam, Enchant Totem and new Stun Animation
  • Custom Blink Dagger Effect and Icon
  • New Hero Portrait, Ability Icons and Minimap Icons
  • 500+ new Voce Lines

This year’s Battle Pass was released on May 8th, currently The International 2019 prize pool has reached almost $13,500,000.

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