Dota 2: Immortal Treasure II and the Mo’Rokai Event to be Released on July 5th

It has been revealed through the official Dota 2 Twitter account that this Friday, July 5th, the game will receive an update which will include some of the long awaited features for Battle Pass owners.

The update will contain Immortal Treasure II as well as the special event Wrath of the Mo’Rokai, where the players will be able to win additional Battle Points. Besides that, each Battle Pass owner will receive 10 additional Battle Levels as a reward for the prize pool achievement – earlier The International 2019 prize pool exceeded the previous year’s prize pool. Moreover, this year the duration of Battle Pass will be extended for two weeks – it will expire on September 8th.

Battle Pass was released on May 8th. Since then, The International 2019 prize pool has increased by over $24,000,000.

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