B8 and OG Seed to Play at GGBET StayHome Challenge

B8 and OG Seed to Play at GGBET StayHome Challenge

B8 and OG Seed to Play at GGBET StayHome Challenge

Moon Studio and GGBet have announced a new Dota 2 online event GGBET StayHome Challenge, which will feature eight teams from Europe and CIS competing for a $15,000 prize pool. The event is scheduled for April 1st – 10th.

All participants of the tournaments received direct invites from the organizers, among them are Winstrike Team, Gentlemen, Team Empire Hope, Cyber Legacy, B8, FlyToMoon, OG Seed and Vikin.gg.

The event will begin with a group stage, during which the teams will compete in two GSL groups with best-of-three series. They have been split into the groups as follows:

Group A Group B
FlyTomoon B8
Team Empire Hope Cyber Legacy
Vikin.gg Gentlemen
Winstrike Team OG Seed

In the opening matches of Group A Vikin.gg will face Team Empire Hope, while Winstrike Team will play with FlyToMoon. The first series of Group B are as follows: Cyber Legacy vs OG Seed, B8 vs Gentlemen.

Best two teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket, while the others will make it to the lower bracket. All regular playoffs series will be best-of-three, while the grand finals will be best-of-five.

The official English broadcast by Moon Studio will be available on Twitch.

Earlier Moon Studio with GGBET’s support organized another Dota 2 event GGBET Championship 2. In the tournament’s grand final Vikin.gg defeated Cyber Legacy, claiming $5,000 in prize money.

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