VALVE Share Plans on Dota 2: New Hero Next Month, More Regular Updates

VALVE Share Plans on Dota 2: New Hero Next Month, More Regular Updates

VALVE Share Plans on Dota 2: New Hero Next Month, More Regular Updates

Dota 2 developers have traditionally been rather quiet when it comes to their plans for the game, which is also typical for Valve in general. However, they received a lot of negative feedback from the community which is interested in the game’s future. For this reason, they decided to share some of their plans in the latest blog post.

Usually Valve tend to tease new heroes during The International, however this year’s championship was rescheduled for 2021. Despite that, the next new hero will be added to the game in late November. Besides that, the developers teased that next year the game will receive at least few new heroes, and the first of them will be released already in the first quarter.

The developers have also announced a change to the updates schedule – previously new content was mainly centred around The International, however in future the game will be updated more regularly, spreading the content throughout the entire year.

A major part of the blog is devoted to the company’s attempts on improving player behaviour and reducing toxicity. They reported an improvement in smurfing detection and an increase in banning of booster accounts. On top of that, they are currently working on an Overwatch style system similar to the one currently working in CS:GO, where qualified members of the community can review reports, thus allowing community to regulate itself. They noted however that the feature is still early in development.

Lastly Valve stated they are going to release an update which should moderately increase the game’s performance on PCs with multi-core CPU’s. They warned that the release “could be a little big spooky” due to the changes to the game’s core code.

Earlier today VALVE launched the Fall Season in Dota 2, which adds an option to voluntarily reset your MMR, introduces improvements to Dota Plus and Guilds, and more. You can get more information in our recent article.

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