Fortnite World Cup Results

Fortnite World Cup Results

This weekend concluded Fortnite World Cup, one of the biggest events in the esports history. The event was held on July 27-28th at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City and featured competitions in Solo, Duo and Creative game modes. The tournament’s total prize pool exceeded $30,000,000.

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, a 16-years old player from United States, placed first in the solo competition and won $3,000,000 in prize money. The European organization Cooler Esports, represented by Emil "Nyhrox" Pedersen from Norway and David "aqua" W from Austria, emerged victorious in the duos competition, claiming $3,000,000. In the creative competition the best results were shown by a team called Fish Fam which consisted of FaZe Cizzorz, HIIMTYLERH, ZAND and SUEZHOO – they received $1,300,000.

Solo Competition Results:

Place $ USD Player
1st $3,000,000 Bugha
2nd $1,800,000 psalm
3rd $1,200,000 EpikWhale
4th $1,050,000 Kreo
5th $900,000 k1nG
6th $600,000 crue
7th $525,000 Skite
8th $375,000 nayte
9th $300,000 Riversan
10th $225,000 Fatch

Duos Competition Results:

Place $ USD Players
1st $3,000,000 Nyhrox, aqua
2nd $2,250,000 Wolfiez, Rojo
3rd $1,800,000 Ceice, Elevate
4th $1,500,000 Zayt, Saf
5th $900,000 Arkhram, Falconer
6th $450,000 Mongraal, Mitr0
7th $375,000 Dubs, Megga
8th $375,000 itemm, derox
9th $225,000 ZexRow, Vinny1x
10th $225,000 Skite, Vato

Creative Competition:

Place $ USD Team (Players)
1st $1,310,000 Fish Fam (FaZe Cizzorz, Hiimtylerh, Zand, Suezhoo)
2nd $325,000 Funky Fighters (Tomoya, Kuoto, Huizhi, Draceus)
3rd $305,000 Raven's Revenge (Gotaga, Magma, SMS Art1er, Chappy)
4th $240,000 Chicken Champions (Rubius, Bentzor, Keroro, Ryanfranta)
5th $230,000 Lil Whip Warriors (Ninja, Taco, FaZe Kaz, Taldak723)
6th $225,000 Sunshine Soldiers (Danyancat, Atchiin, 4turtle, Stuartoooo)
7th $220,000 Llama Record Co. ((HandofBlood, Svennos, Rogue AlexJJ, SMS Carnifex
8th $185,000 Cuddle Crew (Lachlan, MSYB-, Clytax, Xsaandi)
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