Group Draw Results for WePlay Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility

Group Draw Results for WePlay Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility

A $15,000 Artifact online tournament WePlay Mighty Triad: Agility kicks off next week, and the organizers of the event have revealed the draw results for the group stage.

The tournament, which will be held on January 15-20, will feature 32 players competing in eight GSL groups of four. Among participating players are two invited players, 14 qualifiers winners and 16 top players that participated in Mighty Triad: Strength.They have been seeded as follows:

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Petrify Hoej Lifecoach StanCifka Hyped Xixo MieGod SuperJJ
MyGoodMate_ Mogwai Real_MAN VinKelsier Shana Teddy Mugibaby f1asco
Rename Naiman DrHippi Baize dpmlicious Lumi Mryagut StrifeCro
Gela Miranda swim MaggoGx Berry Stormlike- Soey AndyWand

The group stage will determine sixteen participants of the playoffs stage, which will feature a single-elimination bracket with best-of-three series.

The competition will begin on January 15th and end on January 20th. Each day the matches will begin on 12:00 PM (UK Time). The winner of the event will get $7,500 in prize money.

Earlier in November of the last year WePlay hosted another Artifact event called Mighty Triad: Strength, which featured a $10,000 prize pool. In the grand finals of the event the American player Hyped (Team Liquid) outplayed the Dane Hoej (SK Telecom T1), claiming $5,000 in prize money.

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