Halo World Championship: Roadmap and Updated Format

Halo World Championship: Roadmap and Updated Format

The details on the next Halo professional season were revealed, including the updated format of Halo World Championship as well as information about the events preceding it.

Halo World Championship, April 13-15

This year Halo World Championship will feature an increased number of participating teams – 16 instead of 12. In addition to this, Asia as a region won’t be represented in the tournament due to its lower level of competitiveness in comparison to the other regions. Thus, the tournament’s line up will look as follows:

  • 9 teams from North America
  • 4 teams from Europe and Middle East
  • 2 teams from Australia and New Zealand
  • 1 team from Latin America

Halo World Championship will be held in Seattle, the prize pool is set at $1,000,000. The more detailed information about the tournament will be revealed later in the season. In the preparation to the Halo World Championship there will be various online and offline tournaments held in different regions, which will grant their participants qualifier points and slots of HaloWC Finals.

Online Competition

Beginning on January 13, teams will be able to participate in online tournaments to earn qualification points based on their placements. Points will be used not only to determine seedings for HaloWC online tournaments and event qualifiers, but also to determine qualification for travel and hotel accommodations.

Orlando Open, February 16-18

The tournament will feature a $50,000 prize pool and will be open to competitors from all regions. There will be two stages: Open Bracket and Group Play. In the Open Bracket 96 teams will fight for their chance to qualify for the Group Play – top four teams will advance to the next stage, where they will be joined by 12 teams invited based on their qualification points. The line-up of Group Play will look as follows:

  • 8 teams from North America
  • 2 teams from Europe and Middle East
  • 1 teams from Australia and New Zealand
  • 1 team from Latin America
  • 4 teams from Open Bracket

The teams won’t be able to qualify for HaloWC Finals during this event, but they will earn qualification points for placements in their regions.

London Finals, February 23-25

London Finals is an open regional final with double elimination bracket and $25,00 on the line. Top four teams will advance directly to HaloWC Finals.

Sydney Finals, March 9-11

Sydney Finals will be available for teams from Australia and New Zealand, who will compete in a double-elimination bracket for their share of a $25,000 prize pool and two slots at HaloWC Finals.

Mexico City Finals, March 17-18

Teams from Latin America will compete at Mexico City Finals. The winner of the event will qualify for HaloWC Finals, the prize pool of the tournament is set at $25,000.

Columbus Finals, March 23-25

Unlike the other regions, only 16 teams with the highest amount of qualification points will be able to take part in Columbus Finals. They will compete for a $50,000 prize pool and 9 slots at HaloWC Finals. The teams will be divided into four groups. Top two teams from each group will qualify for HaloWC Finals, while the 3rd-placed teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket for the last spot for HaloWC Finals.

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