HOTS: Community Raises $10,000+ for Prize Pool of Recently Announced Amateur Event

Heroes Lounge, the largest Heroes of the Storm amateur league, has announced plans to launch a new high-level competition for the top players from North America and Europe. The event will begin early next year and will be called Heroes Lounge Division S, its prize pool will be raised via crowdfunding. The community already managed to fund $12,500 in less than three days.

The qualifiers for the main league will be played on February 2-3, with the signup starting already in January. The main league will begin in March and feature a round-robin format. There also will be a crucible stage, which means that some teams may drop out of the leagues and be replaced by new teams. The matches will be casted by the popular German caster Thomas "Khaldor" Kilian. The prize pool is raised by the community at Matcherino.

Earlier this month Blizzard announced that they had decided to close both the professional league Heroes Global Championship and the collegiate event Heroes of the Dorm, as well as move some Heroes of the Storm developers to other projects.

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