iBUYPOWER Masters IV: Team Liquid Defeats Astralis in the Finals

iBUYPOWER Masters IV: Team Liquid Defeats Astralis in the Finals

Team Liquid have become the champions of iBUYPOWER Masters IV – in the grand finals of the $200,000 CS:GO event the North American team managed to defeat Astralis with the 2-1 score.

Both Team Liquid and Astralis qualified for playoffs from the first place in their groups – Astralis outplayed compLexity Gaming (16:3) and Cloud9 (16:9) in Group A, while Team Liquid defeated Luminosity Gaming (16:11) and Ghost Gaming (16:8) in Group B. In the semifinals Astralis outplayed Ghost Gaming (2:0), while Team Liquid managed to beat Fnatic (2:1). The final series concluded with the 2-1 score in favour of Team Liquid, securing them $100,000 in prize money.

The event took place on January 19-20 at AVALON Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA. The group stage featured two GSL groups with best-of-one matches, during the playoffs stage four teams competed in a single-elimination bracket with best-of-three series.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. Astralis 2-0 32-12 1. Team Liquid 2-0 32-19
2. Fnatic 2-1 39-44 2. Ghost Gaming 2-1 40-43
3. Cloud9 1-2 39-39 3. FaZe Clan 1-2 43-40
4. compLexity Gaming 0-2 17-32 4. Luminosity Gaming 0-2 19-32

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $100,000 Team Liquid
2nd $40,000 Astralis
3rd-4th $17,000 Ghost Gaming, Fnatic
5th-6th $8,000 Cloud9, FaZe Clan
7th-8th $5,000 compLexity Gaming, Luminosity Gaming
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