Kuku from TNC Predator Banned from Attending The Chongqing Major by Valve

Kuku from TNC Predator Banned from Attending The Chongqing Major by Valve

Valve decided to ban the TNC Predator player Carlo "Kuku" Palad from attending The Chongqing Major and dock 20% of TNC’s current Dota Pro Circuit points. Earlier the player used a racist phrase towards Chinese language in a public game.

In their statement Valve explained that they expected TNC Predator to handle the situation professionally, but they failed to do so as at first the organization lied about it and tried to create cover for their player. It has been also revealed that TNC contacted Valve, asking if they can participate in the major with a stand-in without losing DPC points, and Valve allowed them to do so. However, despite the positive answer, the team did not announce a stand-in and, apparently, wanted to play with Kuku.

Kuku was accused of using racist language in a public game in early November. The team’s manager Jim Paulo Sy tried to solve the situation by posting a fake explanation on one of the player’s social pages in his name. Few days later, the manager made a confession and apologized for his actions. Recently several sources reported that Kuku was banned from attending the major by Chinese government, however the information was not confirmed by any official source. After talking with the major organizers TNC reported, that should Kuku try to attend the event, either he might not be able to enter the country or the event might be canceled. In addition, the organizers of the major informed them that they cannot guarantee Kuku’s safety. Several Dota 2 personalities, including Grant "GranDGranT" Harris, Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg and David "GoDz" Parker, refused to cover the major if Kuku would not be allowed to participate in it. In their opinion, one mistake should not affect the whole career.

TNC Predator qualified for The Chongqing Major from the second place in the Southeast Asia Qualifier. Earlier they placed 5-6th at The Kuala Lumpur Major, receiving 900 DPC points. It allowed them to share the 5-6th place in DPC Rankings with PSG.LGD. As Valve decided to dock 20% of their points, currently the team has 720 points and is placed 6th in the rankings.

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