League of Legends to Have an Auto Chess Mode Called Teamfight Tactics

RIOT Games have announced that they are working on a new game mode for League of Legends, which was inspired by Dota Auto Chess. The mode will be called Teamfight Tactics and be released on Test Server later this month.

The developers mentioned that they have been playing a lot of Dota Auto Chess lately, and decided that League of Legends will benefit from a similar mode which will pit eight players with a goal of being the last person standing. The game will be released in BETA and will be developed based on players’ feedback. It is expected that the game will receive a ranked system around Patch 9.14.

Dota Auto Chess was released on Steam Workshop this January and currently has almost 9,000,000 followers. Valve approached Drodo Studios, the developers of the original mode, in February. However, they failed to reach an agreement, thus Drodo and Valve will be releasing two different versions of the game. The PC version of Auto Chess by Drodo Studios will be distributed exclusively through Epic Games Stores.

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