League of Legends to Improve the Ranked Play in 2019

League of Legends to Improve the Ranked Play in 2019

Riot Games have announced some significant improvements to their Ranked Play for the next year, including changes to ranked divisions and placements matches.


To avoid frustration, the developers decided to apply some changes to the placement process. First of all, the players will get their provisional rank after the very first game, which should make the entire process more transparent. Please note, that your provisional rank will not be visible for other players. Moreover, you will get an increased amount of League Points (LP) if you win a placement match, but you will not lose any LP if you lose a match.

New Divisions

The developers also mentioned that there is a huge gap between players in some of the divisions, mainly in Bronze and Diamond, which leads to situations when a player is getting better but his/her rank remains unchanged. To address this issue the developers decided to add two new divisions – Iron, which is even below Bronze, and Grand Master, which is between Master and Challenger. The number of tiers in all divisions will be also decreased in order to avoid additional grind while climbing the ladder– to 4 from 5.

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